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Athlete Development Support Pathway(ADSP)

To become a successful sportsman our ADSP allows our athletes to balance their learning and training, competitions and tests, recovery and lifestyle through developmental stages. 

Our belief is to follow the right stages of growth and development for each individual. 


We create Holistic planning, athlete-centred teaching/coaching,      promoting goal setting, mindset, locus of control, resilience, motivation, ensuring needs of the athlete are met, psychological skills and motivation.


We create additional planning that is not swimming. This helps us gain more complete athletes later on in their growth and development stages. 


Our in-person swimming lessons have begun, and we are accepting new enrolment for our programme. Although the online swimming lessons continue, Zoom lessons have proven to enhance learning to our participants. Achieve ultimate goals quicker and create more knowledgable athletes.  

This approach is imperative from a younger age as swimming is a technique limited sport. 

This allows us to deliver high-quality teaching to students that joins our programme. The face to face interaction and live learning together with online learning scaffolds all the learning blocks. 

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We can also, create nutrition plans based on swimmers' need, talk about the path to success, motivational, tactical and strategic way to approach training sessions.

At the end of each online lesson, the transcript of the lesson will be provided, homework material can be created upon request. This will ensure learning is taking place in an excellent, effective and professional setting.



Athlete Development Support Pathway (ADSP)
focus on athletes receiving the correct plan...

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