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Our goal is to design a curriculum that aligns learning strategies, materials, and experiences to defined outcomes set by your school.

We will manage, design, and organise learning objectives, competencies, and standards within your curriculum.


This approach will help you achieve 'excellence in swimming' create new opportunities for your students to capitalise on swimming during their university applications. 


Achieving excellence in swimming creates new opportunities for students to apply for scholarship programmes all around the world.  Academic Swimming has vast experience in assisting athletes in gaining scholarships and furthering their career in sports and academic studies.

Athlete Development Support Pathway(ADSP)

ADSP allows our athletes to balance their learning and training, competitions and tests, recovery and lifestyle through developmental stages. 


growth and development

Our belief is to follow the right stages of growth and development for each individual making us have an all around sports approach.

holistic plan and athlete centred approach

Our holistic planning, athlete-centred teaching/coaching method, promoting goal setting, mindset, locus of control, resilience, motivation, ensures the needs of the athletes are met.

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