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Just a few swimmers we work with and their passion.


My name is Pablo Ortega Navarro. I’ve been in the sport of swimming for 10 years now. During these years, I’ve learnt a lot.  All thanks to this sport and to all the special people I’ve met. I am now more dedicated than ever to reach my maximum potential in and outside of the water.


Every day I look to give my best effort, whether it is my technique, my times, my mentality, my recovery and all essential aspects to becoming a professional swimmer. 


Swimming makes me happy. I enjoy it. 

I am now one of the top swimmers in Spain, and I only look to improve this by being dedicated, constant, motivated and smart with my training. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for my family and my coaches. They’ve instilled some important values in me that have helped me push through the ups and downs of my journey. 

I want to thank Coach Ali Kortay, who was my coach for 6 years. He was the one to set me on the correct path, and he taught me that hard work pays off. Even if the world is unfair to you, you can make good out of a bad situation.  


I say this because of experience: an important turning point in my swimming was when I had to get my appendix removed a week before nationals (the most important competition of the year). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to race. At this low point, I wanted to quit. I was mad, but thanks to my Coach Ali, at that moment, I had never wanted to improve in swimming so much, and I was as dedicated as ever. And guess what happened in Nationals next year. I won all my races except one, in which I got second. Since that moment, it is crystal clear that I want to get and that no obstacle will be big enough to stop me.

Yours Truly, 

Pablo Navarro Ortega



Hello, my name is Jamie, and I am a very keen swimmer who had been swimming for around 6 years. I started swimming consistently when I moved to the British International School of Jeddah (BISJ) at 10 years old. I had swum previously but hadn’t enjoyed swimming. When I went to Jeddah, Coach Ali was the head coach for the school team. I really enjoyed the atmosphere around the pool. I started to really enjoy swimming and started going regularly until I was going every day and twice a day to train.  From there I just continued. I started to do well in swim meets and enjoyed swimming in our club. I swam in Jeddah, went to Nationals, achieved things that I did not dream of.  Up until the age of 13 and throughout my time I had regained passion for swimming.  Coach Ali has designed swim sets for me to do and is supporting me with my development in Swimming. I hope to continue swimming for as long as I can, and my passion still stays strong with the sport.



Coach Ali has been an amazing coach and mentor for me. He has helped me develop so much in and even out the pool.  Mr. Ali helped so much with pushing everyone in the swim club to be the best possible swimmer they could be. He still pushes me to the extreme, matching my needs in terms of sets and support. We regularly video call and Coach Ali mentors me in explicit detail, in a personal and professional way, even though he is over 5000 miles away on a 7hour time zone difference. I owe him a lot for everything he does and hope to continue working with him in the future. 


Jamie Gray

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